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Volunteers at CMMC practiced giving on behalf of others or a particular cause, like 13 year-old Morgan who helped residents at Bingo or the Auxilian who delivered mail 5 days a week or the dutiful citizen who served on CMMC’s Advisory Boards.

Volunteering at our hospital and nursing home is considered an altruistic activity, intending to promote good or improve human quality of life.

Together with CMMC’s Governing Board, Auxiliary, Skilled Nursing Center, Hospice, Advisory Boards, Summer Youth Program, and Chaplainry, our volunteers selflessly gave hundreds of hours benefiting our patients, residents


You see them in pink coats, maybe even a red vest. Everyday they volunteer to help make our jobs easier, and more importantly, they brighten the days of our  patients and residents in our care. We are grateful for their time, talents, and energy!

Because of their fundraising success this past year, we have been granted wishes in the Cardiac Care Unit for three televisions, Obstetricts received an Olympic TransLite, Lab got a Micro-Hematocrit system, automatic door openers have been installed by Admitting, an Electric Diffibulator for the clinic was purchased, and a $1,000 scholarship was gifted to the youth of the community - all made possible by our devoted volunteers!

How much time do volunteers usually donate weekly?
Volunteers can donate anywhere from just two hours per week to a full forty hours per week. At CMMC, we recognize that people lead busy lives. We can be flexible to assist you in donating your time to serve as a volunteer.

Will I receive training?
All volunteers receive on-the-job training and jackets to wear while serving as volunteers

How can I get involved?
For more information on how you can become part of CMMC's Volunteer Services team, call 406-535-7711.

If you'd like to make new friends and enrich the lives of others by volunteering in one, two, three or four of our volunteer areas of service, we welcome you!

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